Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Week 10 August 12th - 18th

Unfortunately due to more unsuitable weather we were only able to complete two trips this week. The last few weeks have been in stark contrast to earlier in the summer when we were out nearly every day. The two days we made it out were the 12th and the 16th unfortunately we had no sightings on the 16th. Things had gone better on the 12th with six different sightings comprised of two harbour porpoise sightings and four common dolphin sightings. The two harbour porpoise sightings occurred early in the day the fist was of two animals close to the shore with another individual observed later on again quite close to the coast. The first group of common dolphins we encountered were quite close to the second harbour porpoise, the group contained 10 animals that were travelling at a slow swim and didn’t seem to show much interest in the boat as they didn’t approach it at all. The second group was slightly larger at 12 individuals these were more interested in us and approached the boat and were bowriding for a few minutes before we had to leave them behind. The next group of common dolphins we encountered we only saw surface twice before they disappeared again. Finally the last group had eight to ten dolphins and displayed little to no interest in the boat swimming past us at a fast swim. It’s interesting to see the different behaviour displayed by these groups as it keeps us on our toes and means each encounter is unique and different. 

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