Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Week 11 August 19th-25th

More bad weather this week prevented us from getting our as much as we would have liked. In total we were only out three days this week. However it wasn’t all bad considering we had sightings on each day we were out.  The first day we were out was Monday the 19th conditions weren’t ideal for spotting but we still managed 3 harbour porpoise sightings. The first was a group of 2 adults that we encountered early on the tour. The next was of a single harbour porpoise that appeared less than 50 meters from the boat. And finally another 2 animals that surfaced multiple times again in close proximity to the boat. We didn’t get out again till the 22nd conditions on the day started to deteriorate a lot as the day went on with swell and wind increasing. We only managed a single sighting of one harbour porpoise which popped up very close to the shore after a few surfaces it was gone beneath the waves again. After a disappointing day on the 22nd things really improved on the 23rd very early on in the trip we encountered group of 20 bottlenose dolphins. 
Bottlenose dolphin (c) Paddy O'Dwyer - IWDG

 The group contained a juvenile and a calf with neonatal lines still evident down its side. They were heading east along the peninsula and after spending some time with them capturing photo id images we left them off to their own adventures. The photo id images have been processed and will be used to see if there a match between this group and the costal population or maybe even the Shannon dolphins.

Bottlenose dolphin (c) Paddy O'Dwyer - IWDG

 Coming back from the morning tour we encountered half the group heading out west. Again on the evening tour we encountered members of the original group, they appeared to navigating the bay and exploring around all the islands. 

Bottlenose dolphin (c) Paddy O'Dwyer - IWDG

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